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a new favorite site :)


I found a new site that I’m loving! I don’t even remember where I found The Happy Housewife. I think it was while trying to find organization tips. Anyway, the point is, she has a great site going! Read her Our Story tab to learn about where she started trying to be a happy housewife. I will definitely be checking the blog fairly often! I noticed that she is doing a challenge with another blog, called 730/365. They are clearing out 730 items from their homes in 365 days. While that sounds like a fun challenge, it’s not one that I’ll be joining in right now. At the moment, my goal is to get organized. I really like the idea of having “stations” set up in various places, according to what I need. I will be focusing on one project a month (or more, if it’s a small project). Right now, for example, I am creating a coupon/work station in my kitchen. My laptop usually stays in the living room so I have easy access to it. However, I don’t want to be tempted to spend too much time online during the day, when I should be cleaning or playing with my kids. So, I’m moving my laptop and printer to a section on a counter in my kitchen. I don’t really count this as part of the kitchen space, cause it’s on the other side of the room, and right now is a “catch all” for books, papers, anything. I will post before and after pictures as I work on it, to give you a visual of what I’m doing. It will house my laptop, printer, coupon binder and supplies, recipes that I clip out or print, mail, library books and also be a “prep” station for the next day’s activities. Such as: on Saturday night, laying out Bibles and books, etc. needed for Sunday.
Anyway, hope that rambling made some sense! I’ll get pictures up, probably Monday, as I start this new project!


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