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I was looking at Hey, It’s Free today and he mentioned that still has several offers for newsletters and coupon books. Go to the link above and then click the Entertainment tab on the left…several of the offers will include coupon books mailed to you! Check out HIF while you’re at it, he finds great freebies!

Happy Savings!


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Mambo Sprouts giveaway

I know it’s been so very long since I’ve been here – but you know how things get sometimes!
Anyway, I’m back and showing up with a cool give away that I received in my email. I love Mambo Sprouts – it’s a great place to find organic coupons and ideas! Here’s a giveaway to win Reusable Shopping bags – just fill out the pledge stating how many plastic bags you’re willing to give up in a week. There are a couple other chances to enter, as well.
So, go here before March 22nd and enter to win!

Happy Savings!

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b1g1 eggs!

I wanted to go ahead and let you know what I found, so you can be prepared.
On Friday, 2/5 the first 30,000 people to go to the Good Egg Project’s Facebook Fan Page will be able to print a coupon for B1G1 eggs!
Just click on the Free Eggs tab on Friday.

Remember, this is on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 5th!
Also, if you are a fan of Southern Savers she will send out a reminder.

Thanks, Southern Savers!

Happy Savings!

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free meal planner with coupons!

While I was searching for the last of the coupons I wanted to print this month, I came across this offer for Mueller’s Pasta. If you click here you can sign up for a 12 month, weekly meal planner with recipes, meal ideas and coupons! I was very excited, anything with recipes and coupons makes me happy! The site says only available in select states, but as soon as I registered I received the confirmation email. It should arrive in a few weeks – we’ll see!

Happy Savings!

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The Word of Promise New Testament…

I received The Word of Promise New Testament (NKJV) Audio Bible from Thomas Nelson Publishers Book Sneeze review program. I was very excited to see this Bible in the review list, I have been curious about it for a while.

There are twenty CDs in a very nice zippered case. It comes with a pamphlet with the cast list and which section of Scripture is on each disc. There are some well known actors reading the various “parts”; for example: Jim Caviezel reads Jesus; Terence Stamp is the voice of God; Marisa Tomei is Mary Magdalene, and the list goes on.
I took the discs with me as I drove around town, running errands with my children. It was very easy to focus on the story being told (even the genealogy list at the beginning of Matthew was interesting!) and still concetrate on things around me. I really liked the sound effects included when necessary for the story.
My toddler really enjoyed listening to the “music Bible” as he called it, it held his attention very well!
Over all, I was very impressed and will be keeping these in the car for all of our travels.

*I received this book from Thomas Nelson’s Book Sneeze program in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.*

1 comment January 28, 2010

Book Sneeze

My friend, Alissabeth, found this great site that she referred me to. It’s a site for bloggers to receive a book and review it-for free! This is great for me, because I am always reading. I have had to get more creative about when I read, now that I’m chasing two children, but I make it work :). So I signed up a little while ago and got my first book…I’ll post my review in a new post for you, but I wanted to let you know how excited I was about BookSneeze!

*All books received are courtesy of Thomas Nelson Publishing and all reviews are my personal opinion*

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The Frugal Map

BargainBriana is a site that I go to everynow and then; and recently, as I was browsing her deals, I found this! The Frugal Map So exciting! I haven’t even seen all the features yet, but I wanted to pass it on for you to see. Also, there’s a giveaway :)! If you’re a blogger, you can enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card; everyone can enter to win a year’s subscription to All You Magazine! Enter until 1/25/10.

Happy Saving!

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Starting the New Year with Savings

Wow! I don’t know about you, but the last month was crazy!
Not only did we have Christmas and the wonderful craziness that goes with that, but Leo was gone for two weeks and my sister got married Christmas weekend.
Now, as we start a new year and get back into the normal swing of things, I am trying to find the best way to organize my time and money. Leo will be traveling more in the next few months, and so I really want to get into a good schedule to help keep us on track while he’s home or away.
I also want to find a way to keep track of my savings while shopping. Thankfully for me, I have a dear friend who has already blogged about this and put up a few links! So, instead of just repeating what’s in her post, I will simply link you to her site.
Thanks, Alissabeth for doing that work for me :)!
I still haven’t decided which format I would like to use, but I will play with them and choose before starting my grocery shopping for this new year.

Happy Savings!

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Black Friday

I don’t know about you, but I love shopping Black Friday! What I don’t love, is going to a store and spending a couple hours there, coming out with next to nothing…so, last year, I discovered a great site!
I can go on here to see which stores have posted their ads early so that I can figure out now, what I will be shopping for next week. They will also tell you if there are Better than Black Friday sales going on!
You can sign up to get email updates, set up a shopping list on the site, see what time the stores will open and there are giveaways!

Maybe this will help you lay out your gameplan for where you will be shopping on Friday.

Happy Shopping!

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some great Target deals

Frugal Fairhope posted these deals and they were too good not to share with you! Be sure and check out her site to find many other great deals going on right now!

Up and Up wipes for $.27! Target wipes are $1.27 for the 72ct. pack combined with the $1.00 off coupon found here or here depending on which site you prefer, you can get them for $.27! I’m so excited about this – I will definitely be getting wipes this weekend!

* This sale is part of Toys R Us Mega sale this weekend – the $10.49 price is a doorbuster – 3pm-midnight Friday Nov. 13 and 7am-1pm Saturday Nov. 14. You might want to call Target to make sure they will price match this deal!*

While you’re stocking up on wipes, pick up the LeapFrog Alphabet Pal for $.49!
Toys R Us has this for $10.49, so take your Toys R Us circular and your $10.00 off coupon also found that the above sites, and get a great Christmas present!

Take your reusable bags and get a few more cents off your purchase 🙂
Happy Shopping!

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